How can you help?

Your First Step: Pray

 Sacrificial giving usually requires us to move outside our comfort zone and stretches our faith as we give beyond our normal gifts. Please make the amount of your gift a matter of daily prayer, seeking to find what God wants you to give.

Your Second Step: Discuss

 Families should take time to discuss this matter and seek God’s guidance together. Children should also have a part in deciding the amount to give. This is a journey for everyone.

 Your Next Step: Commit

 It is vital that everyone in our church faithfully seeks God’s guidance about what they should do and then express that faith in a financial and prayer commitment. This journey we are on will only become reality through the sacrificial commitments we make.

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We ask you to pray about and join in seeking God’s direction for your involvement in taking the next steps. Nothing will stretch you and grow your faith like the joy of sacrificial giving of the gifts God has given you. Remember, we walk by faith, not by sight. God promises our success when we walk with Him.